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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reading Glasses

"Where are your...?" Sean repeated, confused. "You don't wear glasses."

"Well, they're not glasses glasses," Danny replied from the depths of the hall closet. "They're reading glasses." He emerged with an old ski cap on his head and a frown on his face. "I found this kickass pair at Rite Aid. They're like Buddy Holly glasses, only with rhinestones."

"Buddy who?"

Danny gave him a mournful look. "What are they teaching you kids these days?"

"You tell me, man, you're only two months older than I am." Then he replayed the conversation in his head and blinked. "Wait, you've been going around wearing glasses with rhinestones on 'em?"

"Yeah. They're the ugliest damn things you ever saw. I hope I can find 'em." Danny rummaged between two of the couch cushions, and came up with a sock, but no glasses. He pulled the sock over his hand, then turned the resulting puppet on his roommate. "Youuuu didn't steal them, did you?" it asked, in a high-pitched version of Danny's voice.

Sean paused for a moment. "Er. First of all, I didn't take your glasses. Second of all, you're completely insane."

"Oh, probably," Danny agreed cheerfully. The sock nodded in agreement, then began rooting around in the couch, and Sean decided to leave before it started talking to him again.

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