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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Money Clip

Reggie watched with obvious amusement as Dale reached into his pocket and extracted a thick roll of bills. The latter man snapped back the rubber band and carefully began peeling off singles; Reggie grinned, but said nothing.

Finally Dale looked up, eyebrow arched. "What?"

Reggie's grin widened. "Careful there, high roller. Someone might mistake you for a mobster, with that kind of cash."

Dale scowled down at the bills in his hand. "One of us here is a wise guy, but it ain't me." Carefully he secured the rubber band around the remaining bills, and deposited the entire affair back in his pocket.

"My apologies, Godfather," Reggie laughed. "Can we skip the horse's head in my bed? The wife just bought new sheets, and she'd kill me for messing 'em up."

"One of these days that mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble," Dale admonished, feeding his money into the change machine and scooping up the quarters that came out. "So help me wash my damn car already, so we can get it done before that happens."


Mike P said...

I just realized that those bills had pictures of human presidents on them. There's so much wrong with that.

JLR said...

I didn't even notice that. Apparently the animal-people are still ruled over by humans! Poor animal-people.

Pyramus said...

I suggest he use magnetic money clips instead. http://www.executivegiftshoppe.com/money-clips-leather.html