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Saturday, November 04, 2006

In Motion

Tense silence reigned for a few minutes, and then she blinked. "You know, I think you're right," she said thoughtfully. "I remember that tree from the last time we were here... up on the right in a bit there should be..."

"That old barn that burned down," he agreed. "And they never tore out what was left, so it wound up all overgrown with honeysuckle."

"Oh!" She pointed through the windshield. "Yes, there it is!"

He chuckled. "I told you I remembered it was down this road. I've got my bearings, now; it's about ten miles more this way, not long before you cross the creek." A rueful smile crossed his face. "You would not believe how many hours I spent by that creek when I was a kid... every time we came this way to visit my grandparents, I'd be out there swimming or catching frogs or just watching clouds..."

"Sounds like it wasn't your grandparents you were visiting," she said with a grin, and he laughed and nodded his agreement. As he drove on, she continued, "So it was a nice place, the creek?"

"Nicest little garden spot I've ever seen in my life. Shaded by these massive trees; cool even in August, and the water as clear as air, so you could see the fish plain as day, even if I never did catch any when I tried. Hey," he exclaimed, turning to her briefly, "why don't we go there and you can see for yourself? We've got time. It's the most beautiful place you'll ever see, and it's -- " He stopped. "What?"

She was shaking her head. "I'm sure it was a wonderful place, dear, but..." She hesitated. "My friend Mabel, her son works as a highway patrolman, usually right along this very road. He told her that the paper mill had an accident a few years ago. Flooded the rivers with all kinds of chemicals." She rested a hand briefly on his arm. "Apparently not much of anything'd be growing by that creek anymore."

"Oh." Silence again for a few moments. "Well, that's... that's a shame. A real damn shame."

"I'm sorry, dear... I'd thought you would have already known."

He sighed. "I guess it's just been so long since I was down here except for quick visits... I just never thought about how long it'd been." Then he shrugged. "I guess it's to be expected, though. That's how life is. Nothing ever stays the same for very long."

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