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Monday, November 06, 2006

Baby On Board

Samantha made a tsk noise. "You're spoiling him, you know," she told her mother as the two of them continued to fold laundry. "Every time we come to visit, he gets a new toy or some more of those trading cards. That can't be good for him in the long run."

"Oh, maybe not," Ellen replied, grinning slyly. "But as I recall, you didn't complain when Pappa Joe took you riding on his dirt bike every time we visited him." She pulled another towel from the basket, then merely held it. "Grandparents always spoil their grandchildren. That's our job."

"Seems like I get the harder job, then," Sam grumbled. "This is punishment for all those times I disobeyed you, right? I bet Billy gets a drum for Christmas one of these years. To get me back for all those times I filched from Dad's liquor cabinet when I was in high school."

Ellen whooped with laughter. "You what? Oh, I never heard about that!" She patted her scowling daughter on the arm. "Oh, dear, your father and I had to be the bad guys for all the time you were growing up. We told you where you couldn't go, and what you couldn't do, and who you couldn't do it with. Now that you've taken over that job, we get to kick back and have a little bit of fun." She finally folded up the towel she had been holding, and set to work on another one. "You and Brian will feel the same way when Billy's grown up and has children of his own."

Sam's mouth twitched. "You're awfully cheery about it being such a vicious cycle."

"Of course, dear," Ellen replied demurely. "I get to deal with the nice part of the cycle now."

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