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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Laura placed the last pill on her tongue, lifted her water glass again, and then paused. "I' 'oday 'Eu'day?"

"Wednesday," Theo replied, turning the page of his paper. "Why?"

She sipped her water and swallowed. "Oh. I guess I'll have to take today's pills too, then."

Theo sighed, then folded up his paper again and set it back on the table. "Laura, you know what the doctor said about doubling up a day."

"Yes, yes. Doubling the blue ones might give me trouble sleeping; doubling the big yellow ones might give me a stomach ache; doubling the little yellow ones or the red ones will mess up some fancy chemical balance." She fumbled at the pill holder a few moments before getting the compartment labelled W to open. "But if I didn't take them every time I missed a day, I'd hardly be taking them at all."

"You're going to land yourself in the hospital again," Theo groused, but he picked up the newspaper again all the same. They had had arguments like this one before, and always he had eventually given up and let her have her way. She had always been stubborn, although her memory was less so.

"Getting old is awful," Laura commented, closing up the pill holder again.

Theo raised an eyebrow at her over his paper. "You're only thirty-six."

"So?" she replied, putting her hands to the small of her back and stretching. "Tell that to my battery of medications."

"She's only thirty-six," Theo solemnly informed the pill holder, before going back to his paper.

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