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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Meta: Sundays.

I read Pluggers off the Houston Chronicle comics page, because it is awesome. They have Pluggers on there running back to at least early 1999. After reading back so many years in one sitting, though, I had to stop and go do something else, lest the malaise overtake me entirely. My point is: the Chronicle's online comics page is awesome, and the links at the top of each plugfic post won't expire a month after they're posted.

The drawback in this case is that the Chronicle doesn't have Sunday Pluggers. The official site does, but not the Chron. On reflection, I have decided to take this day of the week off as well, which means no plugfics on Sundays. Perhaps I will use the day to talk about other Plugger-related matters! Or perhaps not. It truly is a mystery.

See you Monday, my as-yet-theoretical readership!

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