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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Garage (Or The Lack Thereof)

Charlie had taken the day off to do some work around the house, and was now on hour two of trying to get the door between the living room and the guest bathroom to hang straight. When his wife came home he was thankful for the interruption. "Hey, welcome back, sweetie," he called, dusting off his hands. "Did you get the tarp over the car okay?"

"Yeah, it's on there," Deborah answered, setting her keys and purse down on the couch. "If it gets much windier we might have to weigh it down with something, but the weatherman didn't say there would be too much wind tonight. Just lots of rain."

He nodded, still eyeing the door. "I'll fix that hole in the carport tomorrow after work, if I get a chance."

"Mmm. Don't worry about it too much; you can't fix it while it's raining anyway." She kicked off her shoes, then walked over to join him. "Door's still giving you trouble?"

"It's this damned crooked doorway," he answered. "It looks straight, but there isn't actually one right angle in the whole thing. I think whoever added the bathroom onto the house must have been stoned stupid."

Deborah chuckled. "We could always hang a bead curtain up instead of a door. Could even light the bathroom with a lava lamp."

"Classy." Charlie sighed. "I'm thinking of leaving this until I've fixed everything else first. The leaky faucet in the kitchen, and the wasps' nests by the porch, and the broken railing on the stairs, and the agitator in the washing machine..."

"And the hole in the carport."

"And the hole in the carport, yeah."

She put a hand on his arm. "Hey, don't get so down. This kind of thing just comes with home ownership, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Just seems so impossible to keep up with sometimes, is all." He smiled at her. "So, you can see how my day's been. How was yours?"

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