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Friday, December 08, 2006

Loud And Clear

They smiled at each other, and then Nora returned to her book and Frank to watching the television. As a commercial gave way to the 7 o'clock news, Frank picked up the remote and carefully turned the volume up to the maximum.

Nora looked at him again. "You really should consider getting a hearing aid, dear."


"You really should get a hearing aid."

Frowning, Frank muted the television. "Why bother? My hearing's not that bad yet, and it's an expense we don't need."

"It wouldn't -- " Nora smiled ruefully. "It wouldn't be an expense for anyone but the health insurance, you know that."

Frank crossed his arms and said nothing; after a moment she patted him on the shoulder. "And your hearing is that bad yet. You know you have the TV all the way up, yes?"

"It's made to play that loud, or else I wouldn't be able to turn it up that way, now would I?" Frank hit the mute button again, then looked at her apologetically. "I'll make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, if you really think I need to," he shouted over the television's blare.

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