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Monday, December 25, 2006

From Above

"Um," Will remarked. He and Gordon both stared for a moment at the legs currently issuing from their apartment ceiling.

A muffled voice floated down from somewhere past the legs. "I don't suppose I'm right above a nice soft bed?" it asked. "A couch would also work."

After a pause, it added, "I seriously can feel this board about to tear loose, so if you could arrange something to break my fall, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise someone's going to need to dial 911."

Gordon moved first, grabbing one end of their couch. "Gimme a hand, Will!" Together they slid the overstuffed monstrosity across the room, more or less centering it under their unexpected guest.

"Er, it's safe now," Will called. "I think."

"You thi -- " There was a loud crack, and abruptly the legs in the ceiling grew a body and plummeted downward. "Gah!"

Will stared at the young woman who was now sprawled unceremoniously across the couch. She looked surprised but unhurt, and as she stood up it became apparent that she had survived the fall without breaking anything of note.

"Geez, lady, are you okay?" Gordon asked. "I knew this place was a dump, but I didn't think it was bad enough for people to start falling through ceilings..." He and Will both glanced down at their own floor, which, come to think of it, had been creaking rather a lot lately...

The woman looked down at the wreckage around the couch, then gave the men a slightly shellshocked grin. "Oh, yeah, these apartments are deathtraps," she answered. "Nice high ceilings, though."

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