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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meta: Past Expiration

Funny thing... I was going to write the Plugfic for this one, and then I realized that Arthur Machen beat me to it over a hundred years ago.

Pluggers are stuck in 1895.


Stella said...

What happened? I'm still checking for those terrifying plugfics. I even went through and read your archives. Keep up the good work!

Blog Post Frank said...

Huh, that's a funny coincidence. Someone was just asking me if anyone bothered to read this anymore, or even comment, and I had to admit that no, s'far as I knew, no one had.

What happened is mainly a combination of easily-distracted-ness and a new job. I've got a fic typed up in notepad that I will probably post tomorrow, and more coming until I've caught up.

Thank you for the comment -- it means there's at least one person out there reading. Now to unleash my dastardly plan! Note to self: think of dastardly plan.