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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meta: Post Slowdown.

At least I'd posted more recently than the Viscount Stokington. I mean, geez.

I blame the slowdown of plugfics partially on school, but -- it must be confessed -- mainly on knitting. Yes, the art of moving bits of yarn through other bits of yarn. I have recently taken it up, and am now obsessed. There is simply so much power in looking at a basically formless lump of yarn, telling that formless lump that you have decided it will now be something else, and then actually bringing about that metamorphosis through sheer force of will.

My guess is, this is what it's like to be God.

Fortunately(?), the God of Moving Bits Of Yarn Through Other Bits Of Yarn is still interested in writing about Pluggers now and then. Thus this is not a blog abandonment, but only a post slowdown.

Feel free to enjoy reading about towels, below.

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